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Airdrie Koinonia Christian School or KCS is a K-12 private school located in Airdrie, Alberta.
School is a member of Koinonia Christian School. It was founded in 1987 by Brian Hazeltine. It teaches core Christian values ​​and exists to give children an education that will allow them to know, love and serve effectively in the world Jesus Christ.

The school started with 54 employers from kindergarten through seventh and steady growth to the top 300 in 2006. Upper class was added gradually as the demand for an increased high school. Hazeltine step down as dean in June 2007, and the leadership of the school has been taken up by Earl Driedger, who started at AKCS in 1996 as a fifth grade teacher and was Vice Chancellor from 2002
The school has developed a reputation for academic excellence, and has been ranked among the top schools in Alberta. (2012 Fraser Institute ranking elementary schools in the top 25% AKCS 157 of the province's 665 schools.) The case originally occupied the basement of Living Springs Christian Fellowship (then called Fellowship Bible Chapel ), but in 1996 moved into a series of portable buildings behind the church Faith Baptist community. 2012 school broke ground on a new facility is located on the northern edge of the city and will occupy the new facility in the fall of 2014. [5] The new school is equipped with classrooms, home ec. and computer labs, a gym, and the chapel, and will eventually accommodate 450 students. .

Students and Staff
The school has organized all staff and students to a high moral standard. It seeks to cooperate with the family, and so all students must come from Christian families to accept claims of faith schools. Parents of students are expected to be involved in their local churches and practice their Christian faith at home. An exception to the enrollment policy for high school students themselves are believers but who comes from a family of non-believers.
High school students also have to sign a commitment that shows their commitment to the Christian faith and lifestyle including "Establish a Godly example in the Church and youth groups to participate, dress, video, movie movies, television, music, books, words, hobbies, dating, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. "The students are required to dress in a way that is" generally acceptable to the majority of Christians. "
The school encourages spiritual development of students by providing Bible as a core theme in each class, by providing opportunities for various services and pray morning prayer time, a weekly chapel, and. Every other year AKCS students participated with other Koinonia School for a mission trip to Mexico.


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